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Recreational Coatings

Hentzen Coatings pushes its recreational coatings to the limit. Our liquid and powder coatings are used on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates as well as composite parts made of sheet molding compound (SMC). Whether outside or inside, on top or under the hood, manufacturers trust Hentzen coating products on steel, aluminum, plastic, rubber, fiberglass, ceramic or wood surfaces to enhance appearance and protect against UV damage, heat or chemical corrosion.


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Formulated to finish your product beautifully.

Rely on us to protect your product and your reputation. Our team of professionals won’t stop until we accommodate your aesthetic and weatherability needs, from custom chemistry and colors to unique application and durability requirements.

Liquid Coatings

Hentzen is a leader in liquid coating technologies, formulating solutions matched to performance and market-driven specifications. Quality starts with custom engineering by chemists and technical specialists who pursue solutions to corrosion, weatherability, aesthetics and durability.

Ura-Zen™ AP Acrylic Urethane Topcoat

Ura-Zen™ AP is a high-solids, 3.5 VOC, HAPS-free, single stage two component acrylic urethane topcoat that features outstanding durability, excellent gloss retention, high DOI and ease of application. Available in a wide variety of colors, including metallic and pearls.

Typical Applications: Agricultural and construction equipment, marine engines, boats, liquid storage tanks, signage, recreational vehicles, trucks, trailers and other transportation equipment.


ZenWood™ industrial wood coatings include sealers, topcoats, varnishes, glazes, stains, dyes, lacquers and UV-curable coatings to enhance and protect wood. ZenWood™ coatings can be formulated to match unique coating properties such as impact resistance and moisture resistance resulting in unmatched durability along with desirable aesthetics. ZenWood™ Aerospace coatings meet the unique demand of general aviation as well as OSU requirement for flame retardancy. Specialty insulators and wood fillers are also available.

Typical Applications: Wood flooring, furniture, musical instruments, boating and marine interiors, aircraft interiors.

Powder Coatings

Hentzen is a leader in powder coating technologies, formulating solutions matched to performance and market-driven specifications. Quality starts with custom engineering by chemists and technical specialists who pursue solutions to corrosion, weatherability, aesthetics and durability.

Dura-Zen™ Epoxy

Dura-Zen™ Epoxy powder topcoats offer excellent adhesion, flexibility and abrasion resistance for interior or decorative applications not subject to prolonged UV radiation. Epoxy powder topcoats can be formulated to be FDA compliance or as functional coatings for substrate protection where inherent toughness, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance or temperature sensitivity is needed. Epoxy powder topcoats are not recommended on products that will be subject to exterior exposure.

Typical Applications: Appliances, indoor metal furniture, general metal finishing, pipe coatings, under-hood automotive components, rebar, battery boxes, electrical equipment, motors, hospital equipment, high voltage switch gear, PC boards and battery cases.

Dura-Zen™ Polyester

Dura-Zen™ Polyester/TGIC powder coatings are highly durable and have good chemical resistance, offer excellent UV resistance and good corrosion resistance. Suitable for both interior and exterior products and available in several degrees of durability including standard durable TGIC (good), super durable (better) and ultra-durable (best). Polyester powder coatings typically exhibit good edge coverage, flow and leveling. Can be formulated in smooth, textures, river textures, veins, leather textures and more.

Typical Applications: Agriculture and construction equipment, recreational vehicles, aluminum extrusions, automotive parts, air conditioners, point-of-purchase displays, fencing, gas cylinders, lawn and garden equipment, lawn furniture, appliances, pipe coatings and electrical enclosures.

Dura-Zen™ Polyester Urethane

Dura-Zen™ Polyester Urethane topcoats combine very smooth, exceptional thin film capabilities, with excellent mar and chip resistance and good weathering properties. Suitable for both interior and exterior products and available in standard durable (good) or super durable (better). Adhesion to properly pretreated substrates will provide very durable coatings with long-term resistance to humidity, UV resistance and corrosion. Can be formulated to offer excellent chemical resistance properties.

Typical Applications: Agriculture and construction equipment, lighting fixtures, lawn and garden equipment, electrical enclosures, playground equipment, air conditioners, automotive trim and patio furniture.

Dura-Zen™ Hybrid

Dura-Zen™ Hybrid topcoats are blended from epoxy and polyester resins to produce films that are an economical alternative to standard epoxy and polyester coatings. Hybrid coatings share many characteristics with standard epoxy-based powder coatings, but include improved resistance to over-bake yellowing during cure, somewhat softer films and slightly improved weatherability. Offering good chemical resistance properties, good corrosion resistance properties and limited UV exposure properties. Hybrid coatings primarily function as decorative interior coatings and are not considered suitable for exterior applications, even though their deterioration and discoloration when exposed to sunlight is slower than pure epoxies.

Typical Applications: Agriculture and construction equipment, office furniture, shelving, general metal finishing, hot water heaters, power tools, fire extinguishers and oil filters.

Dura-Zen™ Super Durable TGIC Polyester

Dura-Zen™ Super Durable TGIC Polyester powder topcoats are high gloss coatings designed for high performance exterior applications where outstanding weathering properties are desired. Dura-Zen™ super durable features excellent weather resistance, light-fastness, anti-yellowing properties, and excellent flow and leveling.

Typical Applications: Agriculture and construction equipment, outdoor furniture, railings, playground equipment, towers, steel structures and building facades.

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Nearly a century of experience.

After 95 years of high-tech coatings, OEMs and manufacturers trust Hentzen with more than their products; they trust us with the reputation of their brands. Because what customers see first—on any product—is a beautiful finish. And that’s key to a positive first impression.